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Professional Experience

It would be a privilege and honor to be able to share insights, ideas and a global network of colleagues and associates that have accumulated during the past 35+ years of international experience as an independent wealth creating entrepreneur. My professional experience includes, but is far from being limited to these areas of endeavor:

  • Business transformation
  • Real estate consulting and creating values in foreclosed properties
  • Magnetizing values for growth

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Future Projects
Escalate Textile Exports of Pakistan in Collaboration with Export Promotion Bureau of Pakistan PDF Print E-mail

Provide consultancy services and formulate strategies and executable plans that will boost the Pakistan Textile Industry in to view of fashion designers and clothing manufacturers.

Conceptually, the Pakistan textile industry is assumed to be limited by a disproportionately small amount of intellectual capital from the U.S. and Europe. The global textile market is at least $600 billion (USD) but Pakistan's share is less than two-percent ($10 billion with $6 billion to the U.S.) despite accounting for at least ten-percent of global cotton fiber production.

The Retailing Group PDF Print E-mail

The retailing group concentrates on the creation of brands using TICOP Model (Trends, Ideas, Concepts, Opportunities and Patterns) which identifies exceptional but highly specialized niche retailing opportunities that can be economically replicated in local and international markets.

Activities of this group have produced several brands and innovative concepts ranging from home based retail franchising to co-branded space in large retail stores. Each brand is linked to the Sasi Foundation by means of a royalty/usage fee based on donation of the intellectual property to the foundation.

A private test marketing effort for dzires concept to sell handicrafts products. One of our retail concepts is Indus Valley social retailing network through Trunk Shows. Many products that have been identified under this brand include hand made rugs, and various household items.

Indus Valley Civilization Store and Restaurant PDF Print E-mail

In the North American marketplace, we will develop a retail concept using a theme based on the heritage of 5000 years of civilization centered in the Indus River Valley. Most of the products will be handmade craft which assumes that each product will be unique and thus can be sold as one-of-a-kind.

Products will generally be in the categories of textiles, furniture, jewelry, clothing, and sporting goods. Partially finished items may also be offered in the handmade crafts section.

When implemented, the outlets will be housed in warehouse-styled buildings and will feature a free food buffet as a bonus for purchase of non-food merchandise. The buffet will include a diverse range of "eastern" (South and Southwestern Asia) dishes. The food center is envisioned as an EXPENSE which will be factored into the pricing of primary merchandise. The menu will change several times each day and is expected the menu will complement the merchandise selection by sharing the culture and heritage with audiences who have little or undeveloped knowledge of the region.

Development of a Wellness Center PDF Print E-mail

Develop properties in the SAARC and the Middle East regions that will change the temporary accommodations paradigm for patients traveling for medical care, leisure, health care shopping, or fitness and wellness care. These properties will have a wellness "mixed use theme", including a health club, wellness clinics, a diet and nutrition center, health care retailing, medicare facilities, a patient and physician's training center, motion picture theater(s) focused to health, leisure, beautification and fitness programs, and an exhibition center to promote year-round wellness products and services, and a high class 50 beds fully equipped wellness hospitality center.

Brokerage Service Firm in Emerging Markets PDF Print E-mail

This project will establish a brokerage firm that is a "portal marketing service and investment management" entity, that links high net-worth clients, multinationals, foreign missions, financial institutions and corporate clients to investment opportunities in the emerging markets around the world. The firm's plans include development of an international side that offers investments in real estate to residents of the U.S. and Canada who have SAARC origins, focusing on skilled and well established professionals and business entrepreneurs.

Establishing a Windmill Power Generation Farm PDF Print E-mail

A shortage of reliable electrical power is a perplexing problem in emerging markets and it limits the development of industry and economic growth. This project plans to develop a Windmill Power Generation Farm to overcome this power shortage. The proposed plan is to generate 2000MV of electricity at the initial stage.

Establish an International Chamber of Commerce Development Center PDF Print E-mail

We plan to form a joint venture with the International Chambers of Commerce (ICC) as a means of opening a mixed development center in each major city of the world in conjunction with local real estate partners. Ides being considered include, but are not limited to merge clubs, conventions, expositions, retail and "expat" service apartments together with hotels. These ICC centers will be unique venues in each host city.

Establishing a Jewelry Auction Mart PDF Print E-mail
The concept is the same as of an auction mart in a Museum or Art Gallery.

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