Real Estate with an Eye of a Social Entrepreneur

Our global, social entrepreneurial experience shows that the largest inventory of dormant, under utilized land bank and uneconomically designed and built assets are under the control of the Armed Forces (Army, Navy, Air Force), universities, counties, small towns and municipalities, port authorities, government departments both at state/province and federal levels, as well as various large industrial complexes, waste/landfill sites, and corporate assets.

We pursue our objectives by using our Social Entrepreneurship Model to help communities and land owners to revitalize their dormant, neglected and under utilized assets by adding values and magnetizing them for use by the community's mainstream residents. This always benefits the owners economically and socially as well extending the assets to the people, the community, and the country in which they are located. Our plans explicitly intend to create value added programs to help these owners with strategic and synergistic, innovative plans in a manner that will enhance financial returns and improve community relations.

We also wish to globally offer expertise in the holistic management of industrial plant closures due to global outsourcing and other economic migration issues. We avoid the elimination of jobs by creating new value and added job opportunities that benefit the communities in which these industries were located.