Career Advice

Firoz Shroff is pleased to offer a formal organizational mentoring program that has been valuable to entry-level professionals seeking leadership development experience.

While mentoring experiences can help motivate individuals and develop new skills, a formal program can direct interested individuals through a broader range of experiences. Firoz Shroff offers wisdom and mentoring that has rational, practical and logical attributes. He mentors individuals belonging diverse communities and countries with an objective to create social wealth and grow as perpetual entities with social entrepreneurial elements and components.

Firoz welcomes inquiries from individuals who have entrepreneurial ideas, projects and opportunities as partners. He participates by providing financial and other resources which include intellectual assets, commercial sense and experience with wisdom.

He has interest in the following projects:

    Montessori Schools
  • Home Based Tuition Centers
  • Coaching Centers
  • Teachers Training Centers
  • Social & Not for Profit Auction Events
  • Social & Business Event Management
  • Onsite & Off site Leisure Activities
  • Indoor & Outdoor Exhibitions Services
  • Social Theme Catering
  • Professional Educational & Training Programs
  • Social Advertising Services
  • Relocation & Immigration Services
  • Marriage Counseling
  • Parental Counseling
  • Home Based Health Counseling
  • Doctors on the Wheels
  • Collective Housing Building Program & Advice
  • Social Retailing on the Wheels
  • Club Management Services
  • Relocation Services
  • Global BPO matching with Small Enterprises
  • Training Center for Information Technology
  • E-commerce Businesses
  • Marketing Services
  • Human Resource Recruitment
  • Development & Training Services
  • Publishing on the Net
  • Virtual Bookstores
  • Business & Management Consulting Services
  • Real Estate Development
  • Agriculture/Farming
  • Franchising of various businesses & concepts such as Rent a Nurse on the Net
  • Rent a Sister on the Net
  • Various import/export businesses that could be home based