My Inspired Attraction to Real Estate

My real estate career started from within my home. My father and his father (my grandfather) set the example by demonstrating a great belief and respect for Mother Earth, also known as real estate, or what some people call dirt. There is a logic and rational power behind our practice of calling mother earth real estate MERE.

There was no career in real estate it was mere part of our heart, soul, sprit, religion and mind. We are 4th generation and MERE always has been part of the family with my children also carrying this torch.

We are in process of creating a successful socially and entrepreneurially driven business model. It blends, integrates and knits 5 of my family’s 140 years of experiences i.e. Real Estate, Corporate Venturing, Philanthropy, Education and Wealth Creation Empowerment.

We call it “Mother Earth Real Estate” Solutions. We plan to market and promote through a franchise concept. E-commerce will be the driving force to build this life time project in assistance from Deloitte and Touche, PwC and other professional colleagues both retired and active.

Through this message, I invite professionals that would like to participate in working on the project to contact me with their resume.