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It would be a privilege and honor to be able to share insights, ideas and a global network of colleagues and associates that have accumulated during the past 35+ years of international experience as an independent wealth creating entrepreneur. My professional experience includes, but is far from being limited to these areas of endeavor:

  • Business transformation
  • Real estate consulting and creating values in foreclosed properties
  • Magnetizing values for growth

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The Sasi Foundation was founded to be a living tribute to the late Mr. Sardar Mohammed Shroff, father of the foundation's key founders including its first Chairman/Chief Executive and Trustee, Mr. Firoz Shroff. The elder Mr. Shroff was a practicing social worker, entrepreneur, a staunch believer in programs that are socially and economically uplifting. As a lifelong philanthropist and a protagonist of education, he left a rich but humble legacy of championing the cause of learning, entrepreneuring and expanding the social and economic opportunities of his fellow citizens.

Early in 1999, the foundation's key stakeholders formally established the Sasi Foundation as a philanthropic, non-profit entity in deference to the wishes of their late lamented father. Beginning with the theme: Strategic Action, Social Impact, the name Sasi emerged. This initiative has flourished to become a unique global player in the domain of championing, supporting and nurturing entrepreneurial projects that have major social benefits and are also economically self-sustaining. The Government of Pakistan endorsed the Sasi Foundation concept by providing it with a registered Deed of Trust, dated June 16th, 1999.

In addition to the appointment of Firoz Shroff as the Sasi Foundation's first Chairman and Chief Executive, the founders appointed Mr. Israil Menai as its first Executive Vice-Chairman and Mr. Abbas Shroff as its first President. The founders, trustees and sponsors are well known and respected corporate leaders, philanthropists, real estate developers, lawyers, investment bankers, wealth originators and entrepreneurs.

From the inception, the Sasi Foundation's founders established lofty yet unassailable goals to commemorate the names of those great business, social and educational pioneers and national heroes who had diligently endeavored to foment a renaissance in all sectors of society via academic, philanthropic, cultural, educational, and social entrepreneurship. The vision of the founders is that such a renaissance will inspire young entrepreneurs to dream, hope and confidently pursue ideas that advance the social and economic conditions encountered by the majority of the world's population.

As a means of igniting the renaissance, the Sasi Foundation's board of directors gave the Chief Trustee (Firoz Shroff) a mandate to conduct extensive research, to explore strategies, and seek synergistic relationships that lead to projects that are viable commercially and economically but also have a major, positive social outcome. The leeway included in the mandate is exceptionally broad in that it has no geographic limitations and allows the consideration, evaluation and stimulation of any self-sustaining business models and activities which can be coupled with social benefits to all strata of the communities in which they operate.

For more details about the Sasi Foundation and its projects and global initiatives, please visit it's web-site at: http://www.sasifoundation.org.

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