$6000 to United Nations Association of Canada

Mr Firoz Shroff President of Homeland International Inc Endows the United Nations Association of Canada Toronto UNACTO to Operate in Virtual Environment

After nearly 10 years of operational challenges, the UNACTO Board, under the leadership of Firoz Shroff, has adopted a Virtual Environment model to operate its administration and business functions, taking fuller advantage of technology and internet. The move will also allow UNACTO to participate in "green movement" by saving of fuel and energy.

For over a decade, the Toronto branch had been facing serious challenges to survive, leading to a suspension by the Ottawa National office. The suspension was lifted and a transition committee was formed that included the election of Firoz Shroff to chair the effort to revive the branch. With a team of ten board members and support from United Nations Association of Canada Ottawa Office, the branch was reinstated. At the annual general meeting in September 2005 on approval of reinstatement, Mr.Firoz Shroff was elected the President of UNACTO.

The UNACTO branch has been plagued by funding challenges despite a "white knight" donation by Mr. Jeffrey Lam, past president of UNACTO (2004-2005). In addition to the UNACTO duties, Mr.Firoz Shroff currently serves as President of four non profits and various for profit enterprises. He brings a wealth of global business experience and entrepreneurial skills to the non-profit, including lessons learned from his experience developing Homeland International, Inc., a mixed use community development charity, Sasi Foundation, a innovative social entrepreneurship foundation combining philanthropy with commerce and Calearth, U.S. based group of scientists, engineers and architects who were dispatched to teach earthquake victims how to build survivable shelters in three days from local, natural materials in the northern area of Pakistan.

Mr Shroff has extensive experience assisting both for-profit and non-profit organizations transform themselves into successful, self sustaining dynamic enterprises. Homeland, Sasi and Calearth have joined hands to form a first tax paying entity. Under the banner of Social Entrepreneurship Consortium, Inc. (SEC), they plan to assist companies, communities and countries to diagnose intrinsic assets and then provide processes to capitalize their social and economic values to benefit all stake holders. SEC will be funded by Mr.Firoz Shroff and his family, friends and associates both locally and globally.

SEC is looking for partnership with professionals from legal, investment banking, finance, M & A, internet technology, capital market and philanthropy.