International Club in USA

We are developers of an International Club in the National Capital Region of the United States in collaboration with Ragatz Associates (RCI Consulting Inc) and Micheal Driggs of The International Club Network (ICN Club) in the U.S.

Our project establishes a flagship parent facility, The International Club, in Washington, D.C., and will feature reciprocal privileges with similar clubs in most Asian countries.  The Washington, D.C. facility specifically seeks a niche market composed primarily of international business executives, their families, friends, and guests.

With a miniature village theme, members will enjoy convenient access to a diverse range features and services including, but not necessarily limited to accommodations, social activities, business connectors, personal services, investment advisors, as well as access to legal, education, and immigration expertise.  An unusually broad range of services and information related to the following will be accessible from within the International Club:

  • trade,
  • commerce,
  • project development,
  • US Financing,
  • cross-border M&A activities,
  • taxes and licensing
  • collaborating assets globally with excess to US and global capital markets,
  • public relations,
  • political lobbying at the U.S. federal, state or local levels,
  • global lobbying

Other services will  include a business and deal center facilities, exhibition and display center, and an import export center as well as services to handle and manage their business challenges back in the club member's native country.