Restructuring the Textile & Garment Industries Emerging Markets

We have identified a need and we intend to establish a Global Research Center (GRC) focusing on the emerging markets that are rising as the world's leading producers, distributors and exporters of textiles and ready-to-wear garments. We have established the fact of a linkage which gives rise to speed and efficiency within textile and garment industries thus resulting in higher value-added and more use of local contents.

The purpose and objective of the GRC will concentrate on improving industrial productivity and renovating production processes which will enhance the competiveness (lowered production costs and consistent product quality and ont-time delivery), develop plans for upgrading technological capabilities and modernization of targeted industries, develop strategies for upgrading labor skills in targeted industries, develop  plans to incubate and strengthen small and medium supplier and supporting industries, develop strategies on how to promote innovative product design & development and enhancing global marketing channels, creating strategies to attrack direct foreign  investments in the targeted industries with technologies for the future, and develop plans to manage and mitigate industrial waste, pollution remediation, and promotion of clean (so called "green") technologies and processes.