Indus Valley Civilization Store and Restaurant

In the North American marketplace, we will develop a retail concept using a theme based on the heritage of 5000 years of civilization centered in the Indus River Valley. Most of the products will be handmade craft which assumes that each product will be unique and thus can be sold as one-of-a-kind.

Products will generally be in the categories of textiles, furniture, jewelry, clothing, and sporting goods. Partially finished items may also be offered in the handmade crafts section.

When implemented, the outlets will be housed in warehouse-styled buildings and will feature a free food buffet as a bonus for purchase of non-food merchandise. The buffet will include a diverse range of "eastern" (South and Southwestern Asia) dishes. The food center is envisioned as an EXPENSE which will be factored into the pricing of primary merchandise. The menu will change several times each day and is expected the menu will complement the merchandise selection by sharing the culture and heritage with audiences who have little or undeveloped knowledge of the region.