Social Entrepreneurship Resource Bank

The Idea of Social Entrepreneurship Resource Bank Plc was conceived by Mr. Firoz Shroff, probably as early as July of 1973, although more than three decades passed before it became a reality.

Although originally named The Intellectual Capital Resource Bank plc, the entity was renamed the Social Entrepreneurship Resource Bank Plc (SER Bank) when it was converted to a public company, registered in the United Kingdom (UK). As you might expect, Firoz Shroff, is the founding collaborator, but is joined by an international group of entrepreneurs that are engaged in manufacturing value in companies listed on various global capital markets.

Firoz Shroff's vision for the SER Bank is that it will become a creative force that uses innovative processes to scientifically structure and develop businesses with new strategies and the origination of Ecotomic values, but NOT as a management consulting firm but as economic partners with clients as they respond to ever increasing demands for profits and hegemony in an equally escalating global economy.

SER Bank clients are exceedingly pleased as they thrive and proper under the tutelage and auspicious leadership of Mr.Firoz Shroff. Every client is likely to enumerate several reasons why they believe their SER Bank association is a "lucky break" in their favor. The reality is it is the emphasis on opportunities for knowledge and skills-transfer, training, contacts, multi-cultural understanding and overall bridging the social and economical gaps between developed and under-developed countries that Mr. Shroff transfers. The SER Bank's primary focus is building business-social bridges through its various Social Entrepreneurship Programs. The SER Bank method acts on the belief that a social-business bridge is most likely to succeed when two great forces of modern civilization join forces and work together, instead of each doing their own thing and never share, or share at token levels at most. The two forces are: (1) Business Leaders, and, (2) the Not-for-Profit Organization.