Sasi Group

The Sasi Group of Companies, sponsored by The Shroff family, is a multi-national operation with origins dating from 1877. The Sasi Group supports diversified business and philanthropic activities. The leadership team presents several centuries of collective international business know-how, multi-cultural collaboration skills, business and personal networking, new perceptions and perspectives as business people, entrepreneurs, deal makers, valufacturers and wealth originators.

Sasi's core business is Real Estate Development, Leisure, Club Development, Construction, Merchant Banking, Oil Distribution, Transportation, Retailing, Food and Restaurants, Information Technology and Capital Market functions with a special emphasis on social investments in small-to-mid cap companies, special circumstances, and turnaround situations.

The thrust of the Sasi Group's strategy for growth is in equity participation in socially conscientious companies. The Sasi Group provides mentoring, wisdom, social wealth origination models, scenario planning and assists management in the smart utilization of knowledge and intellectual capital resources as well as financial capital allocation and expenditures. The preferred management role is at the Board and Executive Mentoring levels while leaving day to day management in the hands of experienced professionals.

The group works under the inspired leadership of Mr. Firoz Shroff, Sasi Group Executive Chairman. The Shroff Family investors have given Mr. Firoz Shroff a mandate to expand the group's activities globally from a base in Toronto, Canada.

An extended narrative about the Sasi Group available in a separate document: Shroff Family & Sasi Group Background