The Valufactory Inc.

Valufactory Inc. is a unique company that can apply its stakeholder's intellectual assets and experience in areas ranging from traditional book publishing to real estate, or new media to public financing. When the breadth and depth of the company’s founders is measured in years, sum is more than 125 years!

The Valufactory has a unique capability to perform gap identification that is naturally coupled with innovative thinking that produces actionable methods of bridging the gap(s). The Valufactory has been particularly successful when gaps are cultural, social, managerial, or financial and there is strong interests in the generation of substantial near/long-term wealth for the company’s clients, stakeholders, and partners.

The Valufactory’s primary focus is on the provision of visionary, yet highly practical and actionable, social and entrepreneurial mentoring and support to a firm's leadership, owners, managers, or shareholders. Strongly held ethical and social values are coupled with finely honed entrepreneurial principles to ensure that Valufactory always offers clients performance, production, and profit within a framework that empowers, nurtures, and supports sustainable, broadly distributed wealth creation.

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