Asking Questions Always Yields Insights "AQAYI"

Everything in life starts with Questions, a plan, a strategy and marketing your existence. "You also have to market yourself to God…"

WHAT… are your existing intellectual, social, spiritual, educational, financial, business, family, brainpower and networking collectively called LIFE assets, needs, and processes?

WHAT… are your targets in life and in the present global environment and market place?

WHAT… are your target markets to sell mindset and your personality?

WHY… are you doing and going through this personal life cycle project?

WHERE… should you be acquiring, disposing or renewing your LIFE assets?

WHEN… should you begin planning your move, cutting your losses, or taking advantage of market conditions to create HAPPY AND FUN SPACE?

WHO… are your targets “AUDIENCE IN THE LIFE DRAMA” (your customers)?

WHO…Should be involved in helping you meet your goals?

HOW… might you execute?

HOW MUCH… can you afford to lose by not acting!

Wx8 + Hx2 = AQAYI = HCFTS

Asking Questions Always Yields Insights

Which Yield

Happiness, Containment, Fulfillment and Time Savings (Profits for Quality of Life and makes Time your Best Friends)