Aagyaa Singhni

Ms. Singhni has studied, worked and lived on five continents and speaks four languages:  English, Italian, Spanish and French.  She is nearing some four decades of international business experience in a wide range of enterprises, including agriculture, health services, telecommunications, manufacturing, development of grass-roots enterprises. She has held executive positions in private corporations in Argentina, Canada, France, the United States and the Middle East, government positions in Peru and Bolivia.

Her expertise is nearly as diverse as the geographic locations where she has lived and worked.  During her career she has considerable experience in sales and marketing, research and development, business administration, international logistics, operations, and multi-cultural human relations.   At one point, she successfully operated her own  international food commodities business.  She has integral knowledge in the fields of agro-industry, food technology, manufacturing and packaging, transportation, as well as global retail, industrial and institutional markets.

Ms. Singhni  has served on boards of directors of both for-profit corporations and not-for-profit entities in North and South America.  Presently, her focus is on the arena of Social Evolution.  Her activities use the  Social Philanthropy and Entrepreneurship platform.  Ms. Singhni is committed to the improvement of the condition of humankind through sustainable economic development, while endeavoring to expand social consciousness, empower women, educate the masses, and work towards the obliteration of poverty. She is a strict vegetarian, and is well known for voluntarily expending her time and personal resources to teach and mentor youth and women around the world.