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Social Entrepreneurial Development Centre

The Social Entrepreneurial Resource Bank ‘SER Bank’ aspiration is to form a strategic alliance with a college/University for the creation of a Social Entrepreneurial Development Center ‘SEDC’ at the institution. The concept of opening a SEDC is to break the old paradigm of employment creation to entrepreneurial creation among students. The SER Bank as part of its global social cause wishes to impart practical training to the students providing them with an opportunity to actively get involved in real-time global business opportunities, transactions, deals and projects and learn social wealth creation skills through there involvement at the center. The work will entail students in both intensive and extensive global research to think, discover, examine, explore, analyze and imagine values in a transaction.

How We Can Help Public Listed Companies

We mentor plc’s and fire-up the management with exciting international opportunities, expansion plans, wealth formation strategies and identify resources to increase values for all stakeholders to valufacture economic social wealth under our Social Entrepreneurship program and services. Please see the following presentation for complete details: