Abbas Shroff

Abbas Shroff is approaching three decades of professional and practical experience and is currently specializing in business operations, real estate taxation, finance, construction, and treasury and capital market functions.

Among the family and business peers, he is well known for being widely read and an experienced international traveler.  His daily activities are focused on managing, marketing and corporate governance and stakeholder affairs.  During his career, he has managed construction projects of at least 2.5 million square feet for commercial, retail offices, and both mid-rise and high-rise residential projects. His background includes long-term strategic planning, turn around management and has demonstrated presidential and C-level capabilities on an interim basis.

Abbas Shroff has real-time experience nurturing various enterprises, groups and companies from a near bankruptcy to a dynamic, prosperous and profitable condition. He shares the view that outsourcing activities can and should be profit generators and not as cost centers.

He part of a third generation of family business, mercantile trading and entrepreneurial endeavors.   Abbas Shroff is a life member of the Arts Council of Pakistan (Karachi), a past member (late 1980s) of the Pakistan Publishers and Bookseller Association, and an Executive Member of Association of the Builders and Developers (Pakistan). He also served as Chairman of the Board of Directors for Fortune Securities Ltd., a corporate member of Karachi Stock Exchange.