Homeland International Inc

Homeland International has the noble purpose and objective to undertake community housing projects and mixed use development projects on a local (Canada) as well as global basis. Ideal projects are social partnerships between Homeland International and corporations, communities, and nations that identify shortfalls and inadequacies of affordable housing options in a particular community or region. The role of Homeland International varies widely and often includes advocacy for creation of economic prosperity through employment, safer, healthy housing, expanded educational opportunities and social sustainability.

Homeland International is known for its exemplary and visionary community development projects. Residents of communities in Canada and elsewhere have, or soon will have, access to affordable housing, appropriate to their personal circumstances. A global network of investors and idea sponsors provide Homeland International with an extraordinary capacity to identify the capital resources required by most housing projects. And because unemployment is often rampant around areas where the projects are sited, the projects provide both housing and critical employment for the families who will live there!

To learn more about Homeland International Inc, a Canadian Federally Registered Charitable Organization, please visit: www.homelandinternationalinc.org

Note that Canadian Federally Registered Charitable Organizations are virtually identical to entities in the U.S. holding IRS certification as "501(c)3" organizations.